Childrens curtains, a must have for every nursery

Donnerstag, 2-4-2015  

Curtains are a fascinating accessory in very room, because not only are they quite big and have a large impact on the style of the room, they also control the light in the room. This makes childrens curtains an accessory that is worth thinking about and can be used to influence the style in the room. The same thing of course apply to childrens curtains, which can be a nice fit to the children’s room. For every children’s room we have a curtain that will fit that room and complement it nicely. There are several factors that have to be taken into consideration when choosing curtains for a children’s room, such as the amount of light they let trough and the colour. Besides that the best thing to do when choosing childrens curtains is trusting your and your child’s opinion. What do you like and what do you not like is very important and is basically all you need to choose the best curtains.

Childrens curtains in every colour and motif

The most important part of a curtain is of course the way it looks. Even more so in a children’s room, where you want to create a fun and good-looking environment where kids can play. A curtain is a relatively large part of the wall covered, which means that it has a lot of influence on the setting of the room. A large curtain with a pirate on it does not fit in a princess room and vice versa of course. Therefore a curtain can really finish a theme in a children’s room and make the child really feel like a pirate, an astronaut or a princess. This effect is often underestimated and certainly has an influence on the choice of curtain for the children’s room. There is one big choice which needs to be made before anything else: a motif or a solid colour? We have childrens curtains with both, so you have a large choice in either options. What you choose really depends on your personal preference and if the child wants a room with a theme. Older children will sometimes want a more timid room, as compared to younger children. Having chosen this, you can go browse through our huge collection of childrens curtains. Besides the choice in colour or motif, you do need to make the choice between pleated curtains, ring curtains or roman blinds. This choice affects the style of the childrens curtains and the kind of feel they give the room. Besides that, different kinds of childrens curtains also differ in how much light they let through. Especially roman blinds can completely darken a room, which can be unwanted in a children’s room. This choice does not influence your choice for the fabric of the children’s curtain, because we can make any type of curtain out of any fabric. When looking for motifs we have several popular themes that you can choose from. For example, Asterix is a popular theme. But we also have Disney princesses, Garfield, Donald Duck and superheroes, like the Hulk. With all these choices you can always find the childrens curtains of your child’s dreams. If your child dreams of beautiful cars, we have a children’s curtain for him. Or if your daughter really likes princesses, then a curtain filled with princesses is perfect for her. This way you can always find the fabric that will make your child have the sweetest dreams. And if you are going for a different, less expressive look, we have several childrens curtains for that too. For example, a curtain filled with little hearts, or a striped fabric. No matter what you have in mind for your child, you will always find the perfect curtain for your nursery.

Custom-made or creating childrens curtains yourself

We offer different solid colours, besides our happy motifs. This way you can give a more serious look to your children’s room. In case your children think they are too old for princesses or cars. When you have chosen your fabric and your colour or motif it is time to decide how you want the fabric. You can of course buy the fabric on roll and make it in your own curtain, if you have the skills and equipment to do that. Besides that, it is also possible to order a curtain made-to-measure. We will create a curtain specifically to your requirements. This way you are guaranteed a beautiful children’s curtain that you can just hang and enjoy. We can do this with every fabric we offer, so you get a beautiful curtain that is just the way you want it and is very unique. Your child will never have slept so well. So if you are looking for unique childrens curtains that really make your children’s room unique, you have a very big collection of fabric to choose from at We offer hundreds of different kinds of fabric for very competitive prices, so you can always find the jolly ones you and your child want. And with our made-to-measure curtains you can always get the childrens curtains that fit perfectly. If you simply wish to buy the fabric, you can also do so. You buy the fabric by the meter, so you never buy too much. With our childrens curtains you are guaranteed to create a unique atmosphere in your children’s room.

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