Company formation in the Netherlands: how does this work?

Dienstag, 18-2-2020  

The time has come, the company formation in the Netherlands must happen. But how does that work? Are you ready to start a business in the Netherlands? You can find out why and how in this article. But before we start, we want you to know what the financial and economic opportunities are. When you consider The Netherlands as country for your start-up, you are basically also considering the whole European Union. This country is also part of the European Union and is one of the best places to start your business and to the company formation as well. Amongst others the following points are important
  • The Dutch are really famous for their international trade skills
  • The Dutch are famous for their accessibility to huge international markets 
  • The workforce in The Netherlands is well-educated and bilingual
  • The costs for starting a company are not too high 
  • The Netherlands are holding the 20th position of largest economy in the world
This last point is very important because this country belongs to the group of one of the smallest countries on the planet. When you compare the tax rates, you see the benefits as well. The tax rates in Holland are favorable. They are loved by an infinite amount of wealthy investors and due to the mild tax rates, this number grows. (Also because the world population grows of course). There is more positive news coming, by 2021 the tax rates for profits under 200.000 euros will be reduced from the current 20% to a mere 16%.  

Are you ready to start a business in the Netherlands?

Yes, there are a lot of benefits. And are you ready to start your business The Netherlands?  First of all, who can start a business in this beautiful country? In general, everybody can start a business in this country, it does not matter where you come from, which country you are. born. But there is difference in the procedure for residency in the Netherlands. This will vary, according to your home country. You can reside in The Netherlands, it depends on this important point: are you an EU, EEA or Swiss citizen? Or are you a Non-EU citizen? If you want to know moer about this procedure, you can visit various. websites or you can just ask us to explain what you need to know more. The most important part of this article is the following: how does the company formation in the Netherlands work?

Company formation in the Netherlands

A company formation in The Netherlands, how does that work? We have sorted this out for you. A company formation in the Netherlands means the following. A company formation in the Netherlands comprises the following steps. The Dutch BV is incorporated by means of a deed of incorporation executed by a Dutch civil law notary. You might think of places where you want to set up your company any where you have to the company formation in the Netherlands. A good place to do this is Amsterdam.  If you have any more questions regarding the company formation in the Netherlands, please do not hesitate to ask them. 

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