Holland company formation

Donnerstag, 18-10-2018  

If you plan a Holland company formation, you have many rules and procedures to consider. Even if you’re perfectly aware of those procedures, it takes time to perform them by yourself. It is possible but you’re other business will need the attention to continue properly. Owning a business is a lot of work and there are many companies you can hire to perform some of the tasks necessary. Intercompany Solutions is a company that can take care of any activities to start a business in the Netherlands if you are located in another country. They can perform the arrangements for a Holland company formation. Within a few days your business in the Netherlands can be ready to start. If this needs to be performed very soon to continue other business in this country, asking Intercompany Solutions for help can be very useful. The Netherlands is a very popular country for entrepreneurs to start a company there. One of the reasons is the international position they have. The location is also very essential for logistical reasons. This is one of the main characteristics of this country and one of the main reasons it’s very wanted for a Holland company formation.

The reasons for a Holland company formation

For economic reasons many entrepreneurs start a Holland company formation. One of them is the VAT rate of 21 % on goods and services. When you do business with other countries in Europe, a VAT rate of 0 % is calculated. If you have a VAT number in the Netherlands you can also claim back the VAT. These regulations are one of the reasons international companies have an establishment in this country. Intercompany Solutions can help you with arrangements like a VAT number and registration at the chamber of commerce. They will help you to start your Holland company formation to enjoy the following benefits of the Netherlands:

  • Core member of the EU
  • High-tech infrastructure
  • Use of one or more leading world banks like ING bank, ABN Amro and Rabobank
  • International business climate
  • The logistical hub as a gateway to Europe

Next to these benefits, you will also notice the stability of the Netherlands. You notice this in the economy and doing business with other companies in the Netherlands. The Dutch are very international oriented and they are used to doing business with foreign countries. The Netherlands is also a very popular country for expats who are looking for a job. Their bilingual abilities are very useful for international companies who perform a Holland company formation.

The requirements

To register in the Netherlands for a Holland company formation a residency for your company is one of the obligations. This is what Intercompany Solutions can help you with. They know the regions of the Netherlands where office buildings are available and which region suits best with your business. If you have a preference of your own, you can inform Intercompany Solutions and they will look for residence in that area. One other requirement is to choose a structure for your Holland company formation. Dependent on the structure you will need to prepare the necessary arrangements. Like assigning a director and shareholders when you plan to form a BV company. This is the most common form for a Holland company formation. What you need to prepare and which documents and offices you need, you can ask at Intercompany Solutions. Check on how they can help you and what it takes to start a company in the Netherlands. Intercompany Solutions has the experts in international business to prepare everything for your next step in business.

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