In search of a high quality drying belt?

Mittwoch, 29-5-2019  

Hardick drying belts are widely used in hot environments. To make the best belt possible, we use materials that are highly heat resistant. PTFE for instance. This substance is also known as Teflon and is fire and heat resistant up to high temperatures. It makes an excellent material for the production of a first class drying belt, that can be used in dry ovens. This technique is widely used in the food industry. Our belts, conveyor belt or drying belt, are very suitable for food processing industries. Our materials prevent sticking from food to the belt and are FDA approved. This makes production with use of these belts also possible for markets in the USA. Our drying belts make use of gas, air or flue gas to dry different types of products. Next to food, it is also able to dry wood or chemical solutions. Of course, the application of your drying belt determines the shape and design of the belt. Therefore, we always want to know what results you expect, to make the best possible belt or other design for you. Ordering your product is possible through several steps. If you want, you can order a sample of our materials. After ordering your final product, you will be suprised to learn that we can deliver in a few days. Hardick is a leading producer of PTFE products with exceptional swift production, to deliver quality on time. 

Drying belt: request a sample

To provide the best service, we offer the possibility to try our conveyor belt before ordering. In order to do this, you can order one or more samples of our drying belt online. You will receive these samples within days after your order. Comparing different samples and materials on site ensures making the right choice. Of course, our experts can provide advice on the right material and the right application of our belts. Professionals know that all circumstances in production environments effect the outcome of production. With our experience, we know this too and this enables us to give you the best possible advice. On request, we can work together to design the perfect production environment for your company. Next to the Hardick drying belt, we also offer:

  • PTFE conveyor belts
  • PTFE glass conveyor belts
  • Silicone materials and applications
  • Shrink tubes

Combining these materials with your drying belt is certainly possible, especially when designing a complete production line. 

From order to product

While our products are high quality products, we are able to produce your order within several days from placing your order. Of course, highly specialized orders might take up more time, but regular PTFE conveyor belts or a new drying belt, can be made within days. Therefore, ordering your drying belt is perfectly possible when you are in need of a conveyor belt fast. We also offer replacements for other products that fail to deliver. Your old drying belt could be substituted with our new one within days. Please contact us for more information on all our products, shipping and installation service. Our employees are able to assist you on site whenever you need. 

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