What products does Apollo Group supply?

Dienstag, 1-12-2020  

Have you ever heard of the Apollo Group? This company designs, manufactures, sells and installs transport solutions. Four different product lines are offered. These are:

  • Vertical transport systems
  • Baling and debaling;
  • Logistic systems
  • Service

If you want to learn more about these product lines, this article will look at the four types of  products offered by Apollo Group. You can read more via

Vertical Conveying

In some industries it is necessary to transport goods vertically. In this case, a vertical conveyor belt is the solution. Apollo supplies the largest vertical conveyor systems in the world. You can contact Apollo for three different types of vertical conveyor systems, namely: spiral conveyors, bucket elevators and product twisters.

As the name suggests, spiral conveyors are conveyors that run in a spiral. There are also various possibilities in this respect. Which product you choose depends on the speed with which you want to transport the goods, the weight of the goods and the space you have for transporting.

Bucket elevators are suitable for goods that need to be handled with care. You can think of products from the food industry to products from the cosmetics industry.

The means of transport twister can turn ninety or one hundred and eighty degrees. The twister is a good choice when products need to be rotated upside down or to one side without damaging the product.

Baling & Debaling

This company is Manufacturer of the Big Bale Press (BBP65) and Coco Block Debaler. The BBP65 is part of the most efficient and flexible compression and packaging system. With this system you can quickly and easily compress, pack and palletise bulk products such as peat, biomass and compost. The Coco Block Debaler is suitable for gently separating compressed coco peat, blocks, bales or plates. The blocks can be broken without damaging or changing the material. There are three different variants available. The difference between the three variants is the capacity.

Logistic System

Apollo offers logistics solutions for handling bulk products, pallets and parcels. They are flexible and solid systems. A distinction is made between two types of logistics systems: Belt Conveyors and Pallet Handling Systems. Belt Conveyors can be used for packaged goods and bulk products.

The Belt Conveyors that Apollo produces are durable and of high quality. The Belt Conveyors are suitable for both packaged goods and bulk products. The conveyor belt is mainly used horizontally. Good to know is that the belt is made to measure for every customer. The advantage of this is that the belt seamlessly connects to the customer’s product line. The conveyor belt can also meet specific wishes of the customer.

These include Pallet Handling Systems: Roller Conveyors, Chain Conveyors, Turntables, Angle Transfer Units, Pallet Lifts and Transfer Trolleys. Also these transport solutions are custom made with high quality for the customer by a company with a lot of experience.


The latest product line, Apollo Service, is responsible for the service and installation of all products manufactured by the company.

Apollo Group is unique because it supplies sustainable and high quality products. The wishes of the customers are extremely important in this respect. Apollo Group is based in Coevorden.

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