You want a virtual office in Amsterdam?

Dienstag, 19-11-2019  

It is commonly known that owning a company in the Netherlands offers many advantages to entrepreneurs. But for those of you that want to start a company in Holland moving there is not always an option. Sometimes it’s just better to stay where you are located, and instead of moving your whole business just setting up a virtual office in Amsterdam. All of this is possible with the help of Easy Start Office. This is a company that focuses on entrepreneurs abroad, that wish to have a virtual office in Amsterdam or Rotterdam. They have two locations in the previously mentioned cities and you can pick either one of those to use a the registered adres for your new company in the Netherlands. This way there is no need for you to actually move there, just because you want a business in the Netherlands. Besides, Easy Start Office doesn’t only offer you the adres you need to set up your Dutch business, their monthly packages include many other features that might come in handy when owning a business in Holland. One of those is a local phone number and the option for a phone answering service. If you’re not available too answer business phone calls at all time, this is the option you’re looking for.

Virtual office in Amsterdam with meeting room

Even if you’re based in the Netherlands already but you prefer not to put your home adres on your invoices and as registration adres at the Chambre of Commerce, Easy Start Office is what you need. On their website you can easily apply for a virtual office in Amsterdam, and if you want you can expand that package with several extra services. The Unlimited Working package for example, contains the following extra’s:

  • Unlimited use of office space
  • Use of the meeting room when needed
  • A locel 101 phone number (when based in Amsterdam)
  • Free parking close to the office
  • A weekly mail scaning service

All of these options are not available in the cheapest package, but do come in the Unlimited Package, that obviously also includes that virtual office in Amsterdam. This comes in super handy because you can now use the adres of Easy Start Office at your registration form at the Chambre of Commerce and on all of the invoices you send to clients. Many people think that this looks way more professional than their home adres, since it’s based in Amsterdam (or Rotterdam).

An affordable virtual office in Amsterdam

Wether all you need is a professional looking adres for your invoices, or you’d also like to use the common areas of Easy Start Office, their packages are relatively cheap when comparing them to others. You already have a virtual office in Amsterdam for only €59,- per month, and their biggest packages (which contains all the previously mentioned extras) only costs €139,- per month. This is by far the best deal you can get if you want to set up a virtual office in Amsterdam or Rotterdam. That’s probably one of the reasons that Easy Start office is so popular among foreign entrepreneurs. But to be honest, the services they offer and the complete package deal of their Unlimited Working subscription simply offers you all you need as an online entrepreneur.

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